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Ford Engine Building – KPM MotorsportKPM Motorsport has now been building and tuning both Ford XR6T and FPV F6 engines since their release.  After having 100’s of these vehicles and engines coming through our doors, KPM has developed and re-calibrated these engines to achieve many of Australia’s quickest and most powerful XR6T and F6 vehicles.

Our company has developed engines for various power levels and applications over the years and have used many changing products and machining processes in the evolution of our Ford engine rebuilds.  We are continually developing, improving, and modifying our assembly processes to achieve optimum reliability and performance potential.

Our mandate is that “Performance must have reliability otherwise it is not Performance.”  As a result, all our engines and tunes MUST be reliable and perform according to the application for which they are used before we will put our name to them.  We understand that our engines are used in all types of Motorsport and Performance related events and activities so we have designed various levels of build to suit your application.  All our Series Performance Ford Engines come with our KPM base tune that must be used on initial running-in and then customised on  Dyno by an Approved Installer/Tuner after the mandatory 1000 km Re-adjustment Service.

Our High Performance Series Ford engines are designed as a serious performance upgrade for reliability and power over standard engines, however, they can also be applied to severe use and motorsport applications.  Our KPM engineering goes beyond the limits ever intended by the manufacturer.

KPM Motorsport’s Guarantee is that “our customers will receive the highest possible performance engine for their application” and full consideration will be given from KPM Motorsport and Approved Dealers/ Installers/Tuners to any issues arising from all our Performance Series Engines and Tunes.

KPM Performance Series Ford Engines are “BRAND NEW” with no change-over required.

Ford Engine Building – Turbo Engine Upgrade Ford Engine Building – KPM Motorsport Ford Engine Building – Turbo Upgrades

KF23 KPM 400 Series Performance Engine

Engineered for up to 400 fwkw applications

Brand new Engine Upgraded with:

  • 400 Series Connecting Rods I Beam
  • 400 Series Pistons/Rings
  • 400 Series Valve Springs
  • 400 Series Gaskets
  • 400 Series Bearings
  • 400 Series Blueprinting
  • 400 Series Balancing
  • 400 Series Machining
  • 400 Series Assembly Tolerances/Procedures
  • 400 Series Base Tune Program

Cost: $12,670.00 inc. GST

KF24 KPM 500 Series Performance Engine

Engineered for up to 500 fwkw applications

Brand new Engine Upgraded with:

  • 500 Series Connecting Rods H Beam
  • 500 Series Pistons/Rings/Pins
  • 500 Series Valve Springs/Collets/Retainers
  • 500 Series Oil Pump upgrade 
  • 500 Series Cylinder Head Upgrade
  • 500 Series Gaskets
  • 500 Series Bearings
  • 500 Series Blueprinting
  • 500 Series Balancing
  • 500 Series Machining
  • 500 Series Assembly Tolerances/Procedures
  • 500 Series Base Tune Program

Cost: $15,995.00 inc. GST

KF25 KPM 600 Series Performance Engine

Engineered for up to 600 fwkw applications

Brand new Engine Upgraded with:

  • 600 Series Connecting Rods H Beam
  • 600 Series Pistons/Rings/Pins
  • 600 Series Valve Springs/Collets/Retainers
  • 600 Series Oil Pump Upgrade
  • 600 Series Inlet and Exhaust Camshafts
  • 600 Series Cylinder Head Upgrade
  • 600 Series Full Engine Stud Kit
  • 600 Series Gaskets
  • 600 Series Bearings
  • 600 Series Blueprinting
  • 600 Series Balancing
  • 600 Series Machining
  • 600 Series Assembly Tolerances/Procedures
  • 600 Series Base Tune Program

Cost: $17,490.00 inc. GST

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